We’re an independent, tight-knit team of makers, thinkers, and designers with backgrounds in the arts and social sciences.

Our mission is to give the most honest form to our clients’ vision. We believe that each opportunity a client gives us to shape their message comes with deep responsibility, and collaborate closely with them in every endeavor. Whether we are producing an identity system, consulting on communications, or developing user experiences, we carefully consider the distinct needs of specific projects.

Nate Mucha

Nate provides guidance for how our studio moves forward. He founded the company that is now Each + Every in 2011, just prior to completing an MFA in design at Kent State. In addition to professional practice, he develops young designers as a professor at alma mater Grove City College. Off the clock, Nate keeps an impressive garden with his wife, Amy, and assists in his three children’s lego architecture enterprise.

Alan Walker
Vice President

Alan draws on his experience using design thinking as a high school teacher for unconventional approaches to developing concepts and creating visualizations. In his free time, Alan enjoys visiting art museums with his wife Katie, and listening to philosophy lectures on long drives. He is currently pursuing his MFA in design at Kent State.

Alex Catanese
Design Director

Alex provides a finely tuned formal eye for our studio. He uses his abilities to direct our design team on client projects. When he’s not designing, you can find Alex hiking the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with Katey, or continuing his search for the perfect taco. He is currently pursuing his MFA in design at Kent State.

Katey Catanese
Project Manager + Designer

Simply put, Katey makes sure that the trains run on time. She uses her detail-oriented personality to make sure that the studio stays organized and on-task. Katey holds a BFA in design and minor in psychology from Kent State. Besides design, Katey’s interests include the great indoors and every animal she passes on the street.

Ryan Hammond
Studio Manager + Designer

Ryan has an analytical point of view that served him well in completing an MFA in design at Kent State. His knowledge of past and contemporary theory keeps the studio sharp, current, and filled with new ways of tackling old problems. If Ryan and his wife, Bethany, stumbled across a time machine, they would journey back to shake the hands of America’s founding fathers.  

Gabe Schut

Gabe rises head and shoulders above his peers both as an exemplary designer and a towering human being. His ability to quickly identify and execute a smart concept was cultivated while earning his BFA in design from Kent State; now his sharp wit and attention to detail strengthen every part of our work. When he’s not working, Gabe enjoys playing disc golf, studying historical craftsmanship, and denying his status as the nicest guy in the room.

Zuzana Kubišová

Zuzana loves using design to help people make smarter decisions. Her extraversion, passion, fearlessness, and endless expertise make the studio a better place. In her free time, you can find her outside enjoying nature or working on her MFA in design at Kent State.

Audrey Burns

Audrey’s ambition, work ethic, and desire to help people make her a perfect fit for the E+E team. When she’s not working here, she can be found running her photography business, playing sports, or insisting that she’s not her twin sister. In the fall, she’ll be attending RIT for Visual Media.

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