Shape is a Cleveland based nonprofit for nonprofits. They provide videography, photography, and design to other mission-based organizations.


A new business model

A common problem for businesses today is that they want to work with nonprofits, but nonprofits don’t have room in their budget to pay the businesses adequately.

Shape approached this problem with a new question: if they cut overhead costs for both themselves and the clients, and were funded through other means, could they find a way to do the work they feel called to?


We worked collaboratively alongside Shape at every stage of the design process—from forming the groundwork for the name, to building the visual identity, to designing and developing the website.


Shape’s brand voice

Our challenge with Shape was to express a number of qualities through their brand. The brand and name that surfaced was optimistic, simple, and modular.

Shape is a nonprofit—
They’re not an expensive tech company.

Shape is multidisciplinary—
The brand needs to feel like it fits in the realms of video, photo, and design—not like it’s too catered to one field.

Shape is educational—
One way they want to cut costs is to hire interns.

Shape is professional—
Although there are students doing much of the work, there are professionals guiding the way the whole time. The quality of work would not suffer.


From the client

Working with Each + Every is an organic experience. They collaborated closely with us to reach an outcome that I couldn’t envision on my own. They took time to learn about who we were and what our mission stood for, and have a vested interest in making sure things get done at the highest quality.

—Patrick Fenner, Founder, Shape