Urban Vision

Urban Vision is a Christian nonprofit organization that is seeking to transform the North Hill neighborhood in Akron, Ohio into a vibrant, holistic community. They offer numerous programs for adults and children that bridge lingual gaps, provide job opportunities, give counseling, and offer education on health and medical issues.


Bridging divides

Since the North Hill neighborhood is largely made up of refugees, language and economic divides create barriers between residents and their neighbors. Urban Vision came to us seeking a way to communicate the hardships of the Akron neighborhood they serve at their annual fundraiser. They wanted to display infographics that would invoke thought, empathy, and giving.


Expanding their reach

But hearing about all of the good they had done and the lives they’ve changed, we wanted to make something that would remind guests of Urban Vision’s impact. So alongside the infographics, we created takeaway postcards for the event guests. One side had the infographic, and the other listed programs and values that Urban Vision implemented that meet the needs of the community.

Our prints painted a picture of the struggles of the North Hill neighborhood and the effort Urban Vision puts in year-round to fulfill those needs.