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Inspiration from adversity

Adaptive Music specializes in engineering and manufacturing devices that allow musicians to augment the way that they play their instruments, performing in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Joe, the entrepreneur behind Adaptive Music, was first inspired by his friend’s accident, which left her paralyzed in her left arm. She is an avid musician and needed help finding a new way to play guitar. Joe stepped up and created a device that would allow her to play without the use of her arm.

Logos for Adaptive Music, Adaptive Guitar, Adaptive Saxophone, and Adaptive Trumpet
Amplifying voices

We partnered with Adaptive Music to harness their energetic spirit with a meaningful brand and strategy informed by a research-driven approach. Adaptive Music’s drive was not to give their users a voice they didn’t have, but rather to amplify what they already possessed within themselves.

A tote which reads “Always Adapting”
A row of Adaptive Music posters which read “Always Adapting”
Adaptive Music pattern
Strength + creativity

We conducted extensive research into the prosthetics community that helped us understand how to shape Adaptive Music’s brand. We observed athletes who took what many people may think of as a career-ending injury and used it as a powerful source of strength. The resulting brand system is optimistic and energetic, inspiring creativity and ownership in the people who interact with it.

Adaptive Music collateral, including a letterhead, business card, and envelope
A grid of pages from Adaptive Music’s brand guidelines
A typography sample of Avenir and Georgia
Adaptive Music pattern

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until Each + Every exhibited how much they do. My brand and site are amazing—so much better than what I could have imagined myself. And yes, I actually tried myself.

—Joe Pinzone, Founder, Adaptive Music