A close up of Fieldstone collateral. One piece reads, “lasting hope for life's hardships”
A portrait of Jonathan in front of a Fieldstone Counseling sign

Brand strategy

Fieldstone Counseling is a growing non-profit working to engage with life’s experiences through biblical counsel. They’ve quickly become a trusted resource for individuals, families, and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.

We were thrilled to partner with their founder, Jonathan, from the very beginning—starting with the name of the organization. After hearing him express how effective analogies can be when first coming alongside a person in a counseling setting, we crafted the brand around the concept of fieldstones: obstacles routinely encountered by farmers cultivating their soil, but which take on a new and constructive form when collected and used to build strong homes. Fieldstones are common, naturally occurring, and in some cases might require help from other people to move. But they can be used for good.

The construction of the Fieldstone logo, whose parts include a nod to stoneworkers’ symbols, structural stones, and a stained glass window

The mark’s angular construction was inspired by the symbols stonemasons would historically chisel into their work as a signature. Framed in a circle, it conveys a stained-glass window as a representation of Fieldstone’s faith-based mission.

Fieldstone Counseling logo
A close up of a Fieldstone pamphlet explaining their organization

Building a brand

Fieldstone Counseling’s emphasis on clinically informed practice from a faith-based perspective meant that their newly established brand voice needed to speak to early supporters and counselees as credible, compassionate, and welcoming. We designed an identity system that uses crisp and refined typography in turn with soft, organic texture to convey these nuances.

A typography sample of Freight Neo

Freight Neo is the only typeface used throughout the brand identity—as a classic humanist sans-serif, it features a distinct contrast of thick and thin strokes as they might appear if engraved or chiseled into stone by hand.

As a complement to the mark and typography’s sharpness, soft textures from acrylic and watercolor paints were applied to a system of stacked pieces alluding to fieldstone construction.

Fieldstone pattern
Various screens from the Fieldstone brand guidelines website

The guidelines

A web-based brand guideline was produced to aid Fieldstone’s future designers in the use of brand. It outlines the concept behind Fieldstone, its brand strategy, and the visual identity elements on an easily shareable, easily referenced medium.

Fieldstone collateral, including a letterhead, business card, and envelope

Expanding to web

Fieldstone’s website acts as a rich resource to new and current counselees, stakeholders, and financial partners. Users can learn about Fieldstone’s services, donate to the organization, and register for workshops. Most importantly, users can read about Fieldstone’s counselors and listen to the testimonials of past counselees.

Slides from the Fieldstone pitchdeck, containing information about Northeast Ohio’s mental health problems and what Fieldstone hopes to do there


Perhaps most impactfully, we applied our expertise in design research to materials that highlight the mission of Fieldstone Counseling’s services in northeast Ohio—a region experiencing a measurable mental health crisis hand-in-hand with a dramatically low level of access to mental healthcare providers.

Our work with Fieldstone Counseling has allowed us to watch an ambitious idea take the form of a dynamic organization—even in the early stages of their growth, they’ve already provided a meaningful impact.

Two counselors talk in front of a refreshments table. Behind them is a Fieldstone Counseling sign
Various pieces of Fieldstone collateral, including a notebook, postcards, business cards, and a note card


Each + Every did not just design a website or a logo for us—they helped us create an organization from the ground up. They took the raw materials of a vision and a mission, and helped us create something we believe will make an indelible impact on our community. Along the way they became far more than designers, they became our friends. I have no doubt you will feel the same.

—Jonathan Holmes, Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling