H2O Church

H2O Church is a college ministry located on Kent State’s campus. College can be overwhelming for freshmen and seniors alike—and H2O is there to support them on their college journey and beyond.

H2O Church shape pattern
Grid of images showing our church communication research
Scattered messaging

When we first met with H2O, their means of communication were scattered and inconsistent. Often, not all pertinent information would make it into a Tweet, post, or Sunday announcement. Through conducting surveys with the congregation and interviewing the staff, we learned that most people had a preferred method of finding details about events—be it the website, Facebook, Twitter, or announcements—but that medium didn’t always have that information, and so they’d be left to ask around.

It became our goal to develop a clear, systematic way for H2O to communicate information more effectively. We wanted to create a central, easily accessible place for staff, members, and especially newcomers to get involved.

Clear + consistent

We implemented an expansive website that provides a high level of organization for H2O while also exuding its personality: warm, welcoming, fun, and full of strong relationships. In addition, we helped to expand the design system to include announcement slides and social media graphics that drive people to the website as a central source of information.

Announcement slide at a worship gathering
A dependable resource

After implementing the new design and strategy, H2O saw a higher, more consistent use of their website than previous years. There was a 73.2% increase in returning visitors, showing that users felt the website was a reliable source for information. The staff now uses the website to promote events, small groups, and sermon recordings, and provides a direct point of access for congregational announcements.