Post Coworking


Initial research

Post is a new coworking space focused on supporting Kent’s professional and creative culture with flexible work environments.

We became involved with Post at the ground level, provided design insight on organizational and brand strategy, and ultimately collaborated to design a brand that would communicate Post’s unique environment and community involvement. We began our research by looking into similar spaces in small towns, any local competitors, and if the coworking space was truly viable in the community. We found that coworking spaces in places like Kent—which has a population of 30,000—were popping up nationally, meaning that coworking was sustainable even outside of big cities.

Since there were no direct competitors in Kent, our competitive audit focused mainly on how successful, larger coworking spaces communicated their brand, structured their business, and approached shared spaces.


We also conducted a survey with local community members, business owners, freelancers, and professionals to better understand their attitudes and preferences regarding coworking spaces. We asked about amenities they expected, pricing models, networking opportunities, community involvement, space flexibility, and a host of other considerations.

Our respondents helped us narrow down the design of the space: it would need to be flexible, modular, rich in amenities, and tied closely with the N. Water Street neighborhood.

Amenities icons for Post
A floorplan for Post Coworking

Our strategy

One of the biggest things we learned from our design research was that people had a diverse set of needs to be addressed, and that they were interested in more than just a space to work. As we moved into naming, we explored names that would push the idea of work beyond working, and would also unite members through their shared space.

Post logo

Naming Post

We chose the name Post for three reasons:

Post is a position you take up every day

It’s the place where you work your hardest to pursue your ambitions. Post is a space that makes productivity more personal, flexible, and reliable. Whether it’s providing a modular office set up, bright meeting spaces, printing resources, creative workshops, fantastic internet, or an inspiring community, Post wants to provide more than just a desk.

Post is after

After you’ve had enough of beige cubicles, working from home, or setting up at a coffee shop every day. It’s the mindset that work means more than just working. Post is a starting point for cultivation—of the community, of work itself, and of each vision being pursued by the people who work there.

Post is a support structure

It connects you with people who are inspired and proactive, just like you. Simply put, Post cares about fostering a shared space that provides inspiration, energy, and engagement within the local community.

Gif of Post’s sticker rolls
Post welcome stationery, including a folder, handbook, and stickers

Place with purpose

The mission of Post became to offer a space that would energize, engage, and empower our local community to see work in a fresh way. We discovered throughout the strategy and naming process that growth in vocation could be fueled by a sense of place and vision, so we branded Post with a focus on crafting a personal and flexible coworking environment that supports a culture of inspired professionals.

“The space is only as important as the people that it helps and impacts. I care about people. The physical space (and its beauty) is a conduit to impacting people.” —Wesley Suplit, Co-Founder, Post

A black tote with the Post logo and grid pattern
A roll of Post stickers
Post advertisement which reads, “Love where you work”


The Post brand system is designed to be flexible and open by nature, playing on the idea that the people who inhabit the space can make it their own. We used the metaphor of a pegboard to inspire the core visual components of the brand. A pegboard signifies a workspace; but also creativity, building, and sharing of ideas.

Various pieces of Post collateral
Various examples of Post’s grid in use
Image of a woman looking at a newsletter from Post on her iPhone
Post’s letterhead, business cards, and the business envelope

The logotype was designed to be understated, simple, and straightforward. It’s set in Publico, a sturdy serif typeface designed by Commercial Type. It has a clean, contemporary, and open form with narrow, sturdy letter proportions. The structure of the Post mark is designed to communicate a quiet, confident, and professional environment that’s focused on supporting people—not overshadowing them.

Post’s color palette is intentionally minimal, communicating focus and stability. The color system is comprised of a soft black and a crisp white, punctuated with a vivid, bold blue. Blue was chosen for its inherent trustworthiness and security, while its saturation and vibrancy implies an underlying energy and brightness.

A typography sample of Publico and Work Sans
Post staff ID tag
A gif showing screens of the Post brand guidelines website

Moving forward

Post is currently under construction and will open in 2018. To stay up-to-date on progress, sign up for the newsletter and follow Post on Instagram.