In 1964, John Benjamin Schneller, an electrical engineer by trade, opened John Schneller & Associates in Kent, Ohio. In the last 50 years, the company has grown to be the world’s largest supplier of interior laminates for commercial airlines—providing innovative and safe design, technology, and fabrication.


Every year, Schneller designs a new collection of interior materials targeted towards airline interior designers at trade shows around the world. While Schneller has been regarded as the leader in airline interior fabrication and manufacturing, they wanted to expand their influence into design leadership as well—to be recognized as a design-focused company in all regards. To initiate this project, we began consider ways that Schneller’s brand voice could be elevated as design-focused.

We conducted a competitive analysis of airline interior designers and fabricators, conducted interviews with their design staff and leadership, and took an observational tour of their design and fabrication facility located in Kent. Early on, it became clear that the Schneller design team was producing cutting-edge materials, creative pattern illustrations, textures, printing technologies, and concepts for luxury airline interiors. Additionally, we found that the Schneller design team was passionate about finding custom solutions for a wide array of needs and brands.

The “Forged” microsite

In order to highlight Schneller’s custom, design-centric approach, our design strategy was to create a microsite to be used at various trade shows which would highlight Schneller’s “Forged” design collection for 2017—and that would allow each user to become a part of the design process with the Schneller design team. The microsite was designed to be a custom experience for each individual using the site, allowing them to select their favorite textures and patterns from the collection, send it to their colleagues or business associates, and ultimately get in touch with a Schneller representative.

We designed and custom-developed the site to be a creative experience from scratch—from the photographs of each material designed by the Schneller design team, to the custom code that would allow each user to resize images, select their favorites, and send them to colleagues.


The “Forged” microsite became a useful tool during the tradeshows that Schneller attended to highlight the materials in the collection, and also became an interactive touchpoint for requesting more information and samples.