The Woodward Foundation

The Woodward Foundation is a local philanthropic organization that provides funds to northeast Ohio nonprofits and community-focused institutions.

Old photo of Kent’s main street
Bringing awareness

For the past decade, the foundation has built its connections purely through word of mouth—without communication materials of any kind.

To bring it into the public’s awareness, we partnered with the board to create a brand identity system that would establish a visual language about the Foundation and build on the credibility it’s gained throughout the years.

Woodward foundation logo on black, mint, forest green, and gold
A portrait of Josephine Woodward hangs amongst other old photos

The Woodward Foundation identity was made to honor and embody the foundation’s namesake and benefactor, Josephine Woodward. She was sophisticated and elegant—best encompassed by the art deco movement, which she associated with “the best years of her life.” This era drives the visuals behind the identity of the Woodward Foundation.

Gold foil Woodward Foundation logo on black paper
Woodward Foundation collateral, including a letterhead, business card, and envelope
Woodward Foundation document in a tube
Woodward Foundation folder and pen
Woodward Foundation business card on marble

As a result, the identity suite is filled with crisp lines, deco-reminiscent patterns, and a color palette that conveys grandeur and grace. The Woodward Foundation now has a memorable system for their organization which pays homage to Josephine and will serve them—as they’ve served the community—for years to come.

Woodard Foundation pattern
A typography sample of Freight Neo and Century Gothic
Woodward Foundation logo sign